Saturday, October 25, 2008

we now return...

to our previously scheduled program. sorry about that. sometimes i get blips in the emotional radar so to speak. am back up and running now.

been having a lot of nightmares. something new for me, since i don't usually dream or remember my dreams. and these nightmares are awful. so hopefully they just go away. makes me dread going to sleep at night.

ella is having a really rough go and as much as i am trying to hold it together...its breaking my heart to watch her choking sobs.

for the most part, our days are pretty uneventful and on auto pilot...but then when we have a quiet minute to think, it comes crashing down. the girls were able to talk to matt this morning, and that always seems to help...but nighttime is the hardest for all of us. just need a little more time.

matt has been fine. he has been doing lots of training, getting very little sleep. he is ready to move to his permanent place so that he can have the rest of his things and settle in. plus he won't have 300 other room mates to worry about making noise. most of our calls lately have had to do with me picking his brain for what i should do about this or that. questions about the basement, etc. this project was 90% i am at a loss to finish it. no matter what, it will get done. one way or another.

well thats a quick wrap...hopefully more pics to post tomorrow...we should be carving pumpkins!


joybear said...

wishing you sweet dreams,

Fink said...

Awww, I am sorry you all are having such a bad time! I hope things look up very soon! Hugs to you both!!!!!!

Mer said...

Hey...thinking about you and praying for you in this tough time. :) If you ever want to chat, drop me a line and I'll send you my #.