Monday, December 15, 2008

manic monday

(click to enlarge)

this is gonna be a painfully busy week for me.

i like my down time. i like my peace and quiet. i like my OPEN schedule...

but at least it should pass quickly!!

this is the river that runs thru our town. on one of the very few days the sun comes out in the winter.

ok...gotta get back to working on stuff! later!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


today was the big haircut day...and combined they lost about 10 inches! abby LOVES her cut and can't stop looking in the mirror...ella just keeps swishing her hair back and forth. they look pretty darn cute.


still cold.

still snowing.

but the beautiful sun is shining...and that doesn't happen that often in the winter here.

Monday, December 8, 2008


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woke up to -8 degrees this morning (wind chill -19)...and thats just *freeze the snot in your nose* cold! (yes mom i put that on my blog...i have no decency about me:)

and i am thankful i had to take the trash out or otherwise i would have missed the sun rising thru the garage window and i would never have seen this shot!

and i couldn't leave well enough i cropped the picture above and converted to b&w and its pretty cool too. looks beautiful in print! enjoy~

Friday, December 5, 2008

i think i found my direction...

my GPS arrived today! lol! so i have it plugged into the old van charging away. always fun to get a new for the snow to go away so i can safely try this baby out!

here's a little peeky what i have been up to...

making treat bags for the girls classes. i was trying to come up with an easily duplicated idea. if i was giving this as a gift myself, i would probably put alot more detail into, but i think it turned out pretty to make 39 more:)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


i found out that i have been chosen to be a guest designer for Out Of This Funk...very exciting! they are a new website created to help people out of their scrapbooking funks.

now its sink or swim time! lol! we'll see what i can come up with!

changing subjects completely...i have neglected some things on my blog and i am now trying to catch up! i was "tagged" by my sweet friend kristy to post a picture from June 2007.

so here is a pic from Guam.

i also got one of these:

from wendy price who is so very talented making cards! now i know there were some rules that went along with i will have to go dig them up and see. i will post an update when i find them!!