Monday, July 23, 2007

wanna fry your brain???

try figuring out HTML codes! i have spent the last several nights working on my new photo website. (the old one is discontinuing service). well this new website is awesome and offers much more than the old one...but there weren't any premade "templates" for me to use. so i had to suffer thru...but i am so proud i stuck with it. the website itself isn't completely done, i still need to add more photos, but the basics are there. so check it out if you'd like and let me know what you think.

summertime here is just chugging away. lots of time at the pool, lots of time at the playground...and some very grubby kids by the end of the day. i think that is why johnson & johnsons makes their soap smell so yummy...they know parents want to smell that after a long day of playing hard.

ella's new words are: poo (pool), ite (slide), ott (hot). she cracks me up. its so amazing to me how different both of the girls are. abby is growing by leaps and least you don't notice the big height difference with shorts and skirts. once winter comes though, she may have to get a job to support her growth spurts. both girls have so much fun playing with each other. i just love the relationship sisters have. i love watching them support each other (like ella sitting in time out with abby out of empathy)...pretty funny. they are truly my greatest accomplishment.

well enough sappiness...i am severely sleep deprived (from that stupid coding) i need to head to bed. but of course i will leave some pictures. later~ (just in case you're wondering in that last picture, ella's mouth is packed with gawk-gawks (crackers)...sometimes thats the only reason she likes going to the pool...for the snacks!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

getting back the mojo...

well i have been on scrapbooking hiatus (so to speak) for the last month or 2. lost my mojo...but i am finally getting it back. and the bigger surprise was that my 1st layout i shared on CX the other day ("just be") got chosen as POTD (pick of the day) thats awesome! talk about making a girl feel good!

in other news...abby is still in the process of recovering. she spiked a nasty temp on friday (103.7), threw up in the night and then started having it on the other end. poor thing! she does ok as long as we keep her on tylenol or motrin...but as soon as it wears off, she spikes again. hopefully this bug hurries up and gets thru her system and doesn't infect anyone else in the house! for now i just keep my fingers crossed for an uneventful night.

thats about all that's happening here.


Sunday, July 8, 2007

26 things...

to jump start my photo creativity...there is a challenge at two peas to help get your creative juices flowing with photography. they listed 26 things and you take pics based on your interpretation of them. now this challenge started back in june, but i am just now jumping on the bandwagon. so periodically you might see "different" pics...thats why. its been fun trying to think of things to photograph.

#13 patriotic

#1 angles

#8 patterns/repetition

#21 path

life here otherwise has been all right. the weather is hot and extremely humid...monsoon is right around the corner and keeps teasing us. we will get a day or 2 of horrendous rain and then it stops. the clouds and smog (when its not raining) make it dreary everyday:( i need some vit.D!!

the girls are fine. got some cute pics of them at the park yesterday, i will post. i am practicing with different lenses and modes, so not all of them come out like i saw in my head...but hey, thats what practice is for! i think its helping me get my mojo back...i actually feel like scrapbooking again! of course i just organized my everything is neat and orderly...isn't that how it always works?

ella is talking up a storm. she is so funny! her latest "sentence" is " bobby...R U?...come!" translation is abby, where are you? come here. she cracks us up!

we took the girls to the samsung childrens museum on friday (since matt had the day off). they had so much fun! i think they liked the water exhibit best!

well thats about all i can think of. have a good one! and enjoy the pics!