Wednesday, November 28, 2007

finding the christmas spirit

does anyone know where to find this? seriously curious! i am SO not in the spirit yet its not poor daughter...she's dying to put up the tree and i can't figure out for the life of me where the dog-gone thing is gonna fit this year...this house is so small!! oh well, we'll make due like we always do!

just finished the last of my edits for family sessions. i feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me! so, for the next month...i am free (minus my own edits, christmas presents...all the projects i want to make, etc)...geesh!

trying to decide whether to continue on with the photography here. its a lot of work and time consuming of course, but i love it so...for the most part. just trying to figure out if it cuts into my personal time too much. i have considered ending it for good...but then i start feeling guilty. (why, i don't know) if you are reading this and have had your pics taken with me, or was wanting them taken, drop me an email and let me know your thoughts...i only have a few weeks to decide.

well, i'm afraid this entry will not have a photo in it because i need to go to bed! haha! but will work on editing ella's b-day pics and post some of those. got some really great shots! (i'm such a tease!)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

ready for a break:)

i think i'm ready for my own vacation:) i really love being a mom and wife and doing all the other things i do, but every now and then i want to relive some of those days from my early 20's where the house was mine, i slept when i wanted, watched what i wanted on tv and if i stayed up until 0500 scrapbooking, so be one was affected but me! so i guess i'm having a pity party day:)

so i will change subjects all together so that this doesn't turn into a pathetic blog entry:) i completed a personal project last week and wanted to share it. this started off as a birthday present for my best friend here and it turned into a piece of art (if i do say so myself). i made a collage of photos of seoul and i took everyone one of them! i edited them all and put them together in my 1st piece of wall art. it is at the printers right now and i can't wait for it to get here in person so i can take it to get framed and then stare at it everyday. i just love it! so without further it is:

like it? yeah i'm pretty proud! (sorry about all the watermarking on the can never be too careful in this internet world! i need to get into the habit of doing everytime, but sometimes you lose some of the pic that way)

on an another note, we had parent teacher conferences on friday...abby is doing well, very strong academically...just need to work on her ability to STOP talking all the time (esp. when the teacher asks her)...uughh! any suggestions?? i'm really open to anything at this point!

can't believe my other baby is getting ready to have another birthday! doesn't seem fair that the years go so quickly and yet some days drag on forever!! looking down the road towards the holidays...don't know whats in store for us yet. we had planned on going somewhere for the holidays (cause i really don't want to stay around here...everyone is gone and since i don't have all my stuff or my family nearby, it was depressing for me last year)...but when i started looking at airline ticket prices, i about passed out! so right now it looks like we will be staying here:(....maybe that means more time for me to scrapbook since the daily routine will be minimal. guess we'll see!

well, hope you enjoy the pic! will share more soon!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

gotta love modern technology!

the other day, out of the blue my computer decides to "pretend" there isn't a cd-rom drive. this can be problematic when i want to listen to music or burn a cd of pictures! so my sweet husband stayed up half the night (despite my begging him not to) and with the help of tech support...helped my computer find its lost cd-rom drive. of course, that can't be the end of this my computer has decided there are certain websites it won't take me too. uugghh! gotta love modern technology!

thats all for now...i have a headache and my oldest is out of school for a teacher inservice day...i think its gonna be a long day!