Thursday, October 31, 2013

iPhone Costume

My youngest had a really tough time deciding what she wanted to dress up as this year. She is 8 years old and pretty much done with the princess phase. Many hours were spent on the internet going thru page after page of ideas. She finally decided to be an iPhone. Now I don't own an iPhone, so the "details" of my finished product may not actually LOOK like an iPhone, but my daughter is THRILLED!

 My husband built the frame out of a med. size moving box from home depot. He stapled rope in as the "suspenders" that will go on my daughters shoulders. I then painted the sides black.

Then I bought 2 black foam boards and went to town printing off pictures of apps and cutting the battery and white bars out of my silhouette cameo.

Once those were all cut I arranged them how I wanted them and then used quick dry glue to attach them. While we were at the hardware store, my husband introduced me to this foam board adhesive. it comes in a tube similar to caulk and you use a caulk gun to apply it. This stuff was amazing. I was worried any glues I might try to use while attaching the foam boards to the moving box frame just wouldn't be strong enough. I didn't want it falling apart while my daughter ran all over the neighborhood. That would just be bad.

So here is the finished front. This was the EASIEST and cheapest costume I have ever put together. She can't wait to go trick or treating tonight!

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Witchy Treats

Halloween is almost here! Almost time for trick or treating and dressing up!! My kids are so excited, especially my youngest. I will posting her costume tomorrow, so be sure to come back and see it!

Here is a fun goody box for the teachers!

Just one more day :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pumpkin Friends

Since we are into October, today's layout is seasonally themed. Even though its still warm here, I have put out all the Halloween decorations and we have some pumpkins outside too! Pumpkin carving is a BIG deal in our house. The designs are never the same, but we always have so much fun carving them (and then eating the roasted pumpkin seeds afterwards!) Paper Issues Blog is having a link party for Halloween projects. The prize is pretty sweet if you want to join in!

This entire layout was created with Bella Blvd products. The photo idea I got from Rebecca Cooper last year. I was looking for a new way to photograph the pumpkins and this was perfect! 

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