Monday, April 27, 2009

a little project...

so i am in the middle of making scrapbooks for all the kids in ellas preschool class. 13 kids. 13 scrapbooks. god help me.
i decided to go about this all digitally trying to keep the lines clean and streamlined and loading them with lots of pics. the patterned paper on the 1st day of school page are the colors used throughout the book to tie them together.
i am a little behind. there are 6 weeks of preschool if you don't see me for the next 6 weeks, you know where i'm at and what i'm doing.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

getting back into a groove

well i have been gone awhile. sick kiddos are now well. grandparents have visited and left. and i am renewed.

i made this a few weeks back in between sick kids...

and this is what my parents and i worked on this past week...some raised planter boxes. one will be for veggies and the other for flowers. it was a lot of work, but i am so pleased with how they came out and glad my parents could help me out with them! they are 8'x8'.

now i just have to wait for it to get warmer...apparently planting season up here kicks off memorial day weekend...geesh! but i will be ready!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

in recovery mode

well the grandparents are here and i am SOOOO glad to have the extra help!
in the last month we have had 3 cases of pink eye, bronchitis, strep throat (twice), an ear infection...and this past week..just when i thought it couldn't get ANY worse...abby was sent home from school with a rash. after a trip to the docs, we think it is an allergic reaction to her antibiotic. it just didn't show up until she was on day 9 of 10 days.
her rapid mono test came back neg. but the scary thing was that when they restested her for strep after 9 days on antibiotics, it came back positive again. so we are on new drugs...getting over the most horrendous rash i have ever seen...and very, very greatful it is spring break here and she still has time to recover before school starts again.
so thats where i have been, why i have been absent, and why i will be gone a little longer.