Saturday, May 23, 2009

on the home stretch!

ella has 3 more weeks of school and abby has 5...i don't know if i can last that long! LOL! i am SOOOOOO ready for summer break to start!

i am still working feverishly on those preschool scrapbooks...gonna be pulling some late nights here for the next couple weeks. i did actually get to play with a card yesterday. we have a niece that is graduating from high school...and i needed to keep it simple. but it was fun to play for a short while!

during the past week things have gotten real interesting as i managed to pinch a nerve in my neck and pretty much lost almost all use of my left shoulder. it is getting better...S.L.O.W.L.Y. i start physical therapy next week. i really don't have time for this! LOL, but i don't have a choice. i am no good when i am not running at 100%.

the die cut image is from lyrical letters cricut cartridge.
now back to reality!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mothers day mom!

so i am a bad daughter...i am behind on everything...but especially sending my mother her mothers day card. sorry mom! since i know you read my blog you can see it here! (and in real life when it shows up in your mailbox).

i seriously have the most amazing mother in the world. and i appreciate her more everyday that i am a mother. i apologize to her a lot too. i wasn't the best kid...far from easy. and i am getting some of the pay back for that now...but i wouldn't have anyone else in the world be my mom! she is the craftiest, smartest, most genuine and beautiful person i know. there isn't anything she wouldn't do for me or the rest of my siblings in a heartbeat. (well having her fly to korea to see me was probably stretching it! lol!) she mastered the art of time management with 4 kids and the chaos that goes along with it...and i don't think i will ever figure out her trick.

anyways...i am SO sorry to not get this in the mail...but i love you mom so much and hope you had a very nice mothers day!

i made 2 you will have to see which one you get:)

papers are all October Afternoon (my fav!!). sketches are theirs too! i can not WAIT to get my hands on all their new papers!! woohoo!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a little sidetracked...

(click photo to enlarge)
this is what happens when i can't bring myself to work on the preschool scrapbook! lol! actually since the weather was great the last couple days AND my kids needed to go outside, i might as well be productive, right? so this is off my back deck.

it looks so small for the amount of work it was...more to come:)