Saturday, May 23, 2009

on the home stretch!

ella has 3 more weeks of school and abby has 5...i don't know if i can last that long! LOL! i am SOOOOOO ready for summer break to start!

i am still working feverishly on those preschool scrapbooks...gonna be pulling some late nights here for the next couple weeks. i did actually get to play with a card yesterday. we have a niece that is graduating from high school...and i needed to keep it simple. but it was fun to play for a short while!

during the past week things have gotten real interesting as i managed to pinch a nerve in my neck and pretty much lost almost all use of my left shoulder. it is getting better...S.L.O.W.L.Y. i start physical therapy next week. i really don't have time for this! LOL, but i don't have a choice. i am no good when i am not running at 100%.

the die cut image is from lyrical letters cricut cartridge.
now back to reality!


Fink said...

Cute card! Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Thanks for your kind words regarding my parents and my life! You are so sweet!

Andrea Amu said...

Well that's a terrific simple Grad card!

Sorry about that pinched nerve... owie!

wendyp said...

Awesome graduation card! Loving that new cartridge!

Kristy said...

I'm sorry you messed up your shoulder! Hope you're feeling better my friend!