Sunday, August 19, 2007

some days just suck!

yesterday (sunday), after 3 1/2 hours of sleep that my kids allowed me to have for the night, i woke up to discover i had pink eye. that on top of a nasty cold, on top of the fact that matt is gone for another week and a half...and that just means one thing! SOME DAYS JUST SUCK! i was able to get some more sleep last night and my eyes feel a *little* better....just reminds me of that mary chapin carpenter song "some days you're the windshield, some days you're the bug"...well i think i was BOTH yesterday if thats possible...but hopefully everything starts healing more and more each hour.

abby finished swim lessons on friday and passed onto the next level...i just can't believe how far she has come since last summer. here's a picture of her on the last day, full of reckless abandon...jumping off the diving board WITHOUT a life jacket...
you go girl!

well, not much else exciting going on here (not that i can stand any more excitement at this time! lol!) i am excited to have a few more photo shoots in the works...i had a newborn one on saturday and have 3 more shoots coming up this week...very exciting! then another shoot next week and hopefully i can schedule our AWESOME babysitter to pose for me soon! (don't be nervous T. it's all good! you're so cute, i can't imagine a bad pic!)

well, i better go drug my eyes and start playing mommy today! haha! later~

Saturday, August 11, 2007

i am a password I-D-I-O-T!

(that last word was *spelled* out because its consider a naughty world in our house). i have too many things that i have to remember passwords for. you would think the logical thing would be to synchronize them all...but i'm not that smart:) haha!

finally had a DRY day here! spent the morning taking photos of a new baby (gosh i just love babies...esp, when you're not the sleep deprived one!) it gets better L. i promise! anyways, she is just darling, as you can see.

tomorrow my partner in crime and i are going on a Buddhist Temple Tour. VERY excited about this on so many levels! 1) i have never been, 2) it's just a mommy outing, 3) i get the chance to take some touristy pics without hauling kids around, 4) get to hang out with the previous mentioned partner in knowing my will rain! **keeping fingers crossed** that it doesn't!

other things going on...week 2 of swim lessons starts monday (abby jumped off the diving board last week and was so excited...i'm so proud of her. she was the only one in her class to do it). matt has a "business trip" for the next couple weeks or so (NOT looking forward to that)...abby starts KINDERGARTEN in 2 weeks! i am starting to get nervous for both of us. thankfully she has no clue on time...or she would be worried too!

well thats about it~ enjoy!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

swim lessons, monsoon & ella's new look

well monsoon finally decided to make its ugly, unwanted appearance. the kids are pinging off the walls, there aren't a lot of places to go here indoors to just let them run and i'm thinking mild sedatives for myself right now might help all of us! haha! oh the joys of living in this part of the world. and wouldn't you know it...abby started swim lessons on monday.

let me tell you...she stomped and screamed and cursed me out when i told her i was gonna sign her up...then a few days before they actually started, the anxiety returned...she BEGGED me on monday morning to please not take her...well she LOVED it! LOVES her teacher and just can't wait to go back. problem is, the monsoon has cancelled the last 2 days of it! uugghh! so i'm keeping my fingers crossed that this monsoon is short lived and praying that swim lessons will resume soon!

on a funnier note, here is a picture of ella sporting her "new look". she thinks its so funny to squint her eyes all the time. what a character!

haven't been able to take very many new pictures lately with all the rain...but hopefully that too will resume shortly! i have some cool ideas in my head, just had to make my camera actually listen:) here is a pic of a new plate of mine...just as soon as i can afford, i'm buying the rest of this stuff and replacing our current plates and bowls. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! it just makes me happy! did i mention that i LOVE it???

well enjoy!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dog Days of summer!

well the dog days of summer have definitely hit here! everything is wet from humidity and its only comfortable being outside if you are in the pool! i am SO glad we have very efficient air conditioners (that have a rapid cool cools down the house within 10-15 min).

most days are spent at the pool and both girls have become little fishes! we bought abby a mask in guam that also covers your nose and now she acually swims under water. they both have floatation vests, so they feel more secure in the water. ella is our fearless one...she loves playing in the water and wants to do everything her big sister does. we have a slide at our pool and both have gone down it already...they have so much fun!

the other day we explored a new park here. it used to be the old golf course for the base until we turned that land back it is GORGEOUS! i can't believe i haven't been there before! what was even nicer is that they have sprawling lawns of green grass...i'm sure most of you are like...yeah, whats the big deal about that? well there just isn't a lot of it here! so they ran and played, fed the fish and ducks...just lots of fun. definitely one of my new favorite places to take pics! (as you can see from the ones i added) hope you enjoy the pics!