Saturday, August 11, 2007

i am a password I-D-I-O-T!

(that last word was *spelled* out because its consider a naughty world in our house). i have too many things that i have to remember passwords for. you would think the logical thing would be to synchronize them all...but i'm not that smart:) haha!

finally had a DRY day here! spent the morning taking photos of a new baby (gosh i just love babies...esp, when you're not the sleep deprived one!) it gets better L. i promise! anyways, she is just darling, as you can see.

tomorrow my partner in crime and i are going on a Buddhist Temple Tour. VERY excited about this on so many levels! 1) i have never been, 2) it's just a mommy outing, 3) i get the chance to take some touristy pics without hauling kids around, 4) get to hang out with the previous mentioned partner in knowing my will rain! **keeping fingers crossed** that it doesn't!

other things going on...week 2 of swim lessons starts monday (abby jumped off the diving board last week and was so excited...i'm so proud of her. she was the only one in her class to do it). matt has a "business trip" for the next couple weeks or so (NOT looking forward to that)...abby starts KINDERGARTEN in 2 weeks! i am starting to get nervous for both of us. thankfully she has no clue on time...or she would be worried too!

well thats about it~ enjoy!

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