Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dog Days of summer!

well the dog days of summer have definitely hit here! everything is wet from humidity and its only comfortable being outside if you are in the pool! i am SO glad we have very efficient air conditioners (that have a rapid cool cools down the house within 10-15 min).

most days are spent at the pool and both girls have become little fishes! we bought abby a mask in guam that also covers your nose and now she acually swims under water. they both have floatation vests, so they feel more secure in the water. ella is our fearless one...she loves playing in the water and wants to do everything her big sister does. we have a slide at our pool and both have gone down it already...they have so much fun!

the other day we explored a new park here. it used to be the old golf course for the base until we turned that land back it is GORGEOUS! i can't believe i haven't been there before! what was even nicer is that they have sprawling lawns of green grass...i'm sure most of you are like...yeah, whats the big deal about that? well there just isn't a lot of it here! so they ran and played, fed the fish and ducks...just lots of fun. definitely one of my new favorite places to take pics! (as you can see from the ones i added) hope you enjoy the pics!

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