Monday, July 23, 2007

wanna fry your brain???

try figuring out HTML codes! i have spent the last several nights working on my new photo website. (the old one is discontinuing service). well this new website is awesome and offers much more than the old one...but there weren't any premade "templates" for me to use. so i had to suffer thru...but i am so proud i stuck with it. the website itself isn't completely done, i still need to add more photos, but the basics are there. so check it out if you'd like and let me know what you think.

summertime here is just chugging away. lots of time at the pool, lots of time at the playground...and some very grubby kids by the end of the day. i think that is why johnson & johnsons makes their soap smell so yummy...they know parents want to smell that after a long day of playing hard.

ella's new words are: poo (pool), ite (slide), ott (hot). she cracks me up. its so amazing to me how different both of the girls are. abby is growing by leaps and least you don't notice the big height difference with shorts and skirts. once winter comes though, she may have to get a job to support her growth spurts. both girls have so much fun playing with each other. i just love the relationship sisters have. i love watching them support each other (like ella sitting in time out with abby out of empathy)...pretty funny. they are truly my greatest accomplishment.

well enough sappiness...i am severely sleep deprived (from that stupid coding) i need to head to bed. but of course i will leave some pictures. later~ (just in case you're wondering in that last picture, ella's mouth is packed with gawk-gawks (crackers)...sometimes thats the only reason she likes going to the pool...for the snacks!

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