Thursday, May 29, 2008

mindless rambling...

today ended with lots of good things to look forward to and some cranky, mischievious kids. we will have my car, and the rest of our boxes by the beginning of next week (woohoo!) and hopefully (keep our fingers crossed) our new bed. yep...good old reliable movers lost our other one.


i mean often do you lose a bed?? whatever. the good news to that sad story is we have an amazing memory foam mattress coming. i may never leave my bed again! yeah, right!

kids are all sorts of weird acting today. i think its the barometric pressure change affecting their little bodies or something. all i know is i couldn't get them in bed fast enough. and of course, m had to work late. i hate that!

well onto photos...i am back to editing some more personal ones. i am playing with framing them, so bear with me. the 1st one is my little one...the goof ball! and the 2nd one is a sunset at my parents house. enjoy~

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

30 degree wake up

man i was not ready to see the temp was 30 degrees this morning! yikes! i am SO ready for a little warmer weather!! we had to wear hats and gloves on our walk to school this morning! but the afternoon promises a high of (are you ready for this??) 62. yep...we're gonna make into the balmy temps by this afternoon...

now switching gears...the last 2 years the only wild animals we ever saw were rats, alley cats and pigeons...well since we have been in our house we have had the following visitors: 2 deer, 2 turkeys, a raccoon and a very cute and curious chipmunk (who actually lives under our deck). oh yeah...and some VERY loud crows.

well here are some random pics. the 1st one is my nephew and the 2nd one i took while my husband was rocking the girls, getting ready for bed. it was the sweetest moment...really pulled at my heart strings.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

heading to normality...

or at least i think i am:) we have moved...survived severe jetlag, househunted, reenrolled my oldest in school and lived in hotels for 2 months. we are now...home. for the time being anyways:)

we have received 2 of the 3 of our shipements. still waiting on our main household stuff, esp all my kitchen stuff. it gets old eating off plastic silverware:)

we are still waiting on my van to show up, but bought a jogging stroller and have put a lot of miles on that already. esp. since i walk abby to school (4 miles a day for me, 2 for her). good exercise, plus its great just chatting with her without anything else distracting us.

i am really missing all my friends back in the "land of not-quite right"...but feel some happiness that many of them will be heading to their new homes in the states in the next couple of months.

i have been reading a lot...and have really been enjoying doing something new for a change. but don't get me wrong...i can't WAIT to get my scrapbook stuff back!

as far as new updates of the girls...abby lost her 2nd tooth on sunday the 18th and ella had her 1st haircut on saturday the 17th.

now i need to go look for my camera cord so i can upload some pics and post some~

have a good one!