Wednesday, May 28, 2008

30 degree wake up

man i was not ready to see the temp was 30 degrees this morning! yikes! i am SO ready for a little warmer weather!! we had to wear hats and gloves on our walk to school this morning! but the afternoon promises a high of (are you ready for this??) 62. yep...we're gonna make into the balmy temps by this afternoon...

now switching gears...the last 2 years the only wild animals we ever saw were rats, alley cats and pigeons...well since we have been in our house we have had the following visitors: 2 deer, 2 turkeys, a raccoon and a very cute and curious chipmunk (who actually lives under our deck). oh yeah...and some VERY loud crows.

well here are some random pics. the 1st one is my nephew and the 2nd one i took while my husband was rocking the girls, getting ready for bed. it was the sweetest moment...really pulled at my heart strings.

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