Monday, December 15, 2008

manic monday

(click to enlarge)

this is gonna be a painfully busy week for me.

i like my down time. i like my peace and quiet. i like my OPEN schedule...

but at least it should pass quickly!!

this is the river that runs thru our town. on one of the very few days the sun comes out in the winter.

ok...gotta get back to working on stuff! later!!


Kristy said...

Wowee girl. That is an amazing photo.

Good luck on getting through all of your stuff. I'm actually free now until Christmas Eve, then it's a big dinner for my parents.


Andrea Amu said...

Such a gorgeous scenic shot!

Fink said...

Outstanding photo!

Suzanne said...

stunning photo girl! i'm such a groupie with your photography...I miss ya already, hurry back! Happy Holidays to you and those precious lil girls...Hope yall have a wonderful time!