Wednesday, October 29, 2008

buried deep

well we got it good.... well over a foot of heavy, wet snow. my back is killing me. i haven't bought the snow blower yet. i paid for that mistake! lol! but thankfully i have been shoveling in shifts (every couple hours) and its been manageable.

and the driveway is clear at this time. which is a good thing.

the back deck might need to melt on its own. i can't even get out the door. and the snow drifts that piled up on it are almost as tall as me!

but we didn't lose power. and that is the most important thing!

and if that isn't enough excitement for one day...the rest of the basement carpet is being installed today (including the stairs) woohoo!! i am SO excited!! i can finally put things in their places and unpack some things and really move down there!

i have taken pics but will post later...abby is out of school today and with the workmen here too, its too much for me to try and do right now! be back later!!
the picture above was taken with the kitchen door open (see the nice wall of snow at the bottom)...this is looking at the grill on my back deck. more to come later!


Suzanne said...

wowzas girl! I said I'd like some snow...but that's ridiculous! hope the power stays on for ya...kind of the opposites of our hurricanes!

Mer said...

Holy smokes...that is a TON of snow! It's been so warm here it's hard to believe it's doing that somewhere else. Sending warm thoughts your way!

harpgirl said...

I am so not looking forward to that out here! Yikes!