Tuesday, October 21, 2008


i love these~ i found her website and got some good chuckles! helps lift up my day since its so rainy, cold and dreary outside again.

but one thing is for sure...i am VERY glad i am done changing diapers:) i truly love being a mom, but now that my kids are growing up, i can't fathom going back to those baby days...all the sleepless night. heck, what am i talking about...my kids still come in my room and interupt my sleep. but i am thankful.

one day, they won't care about coming in my room anymore. and when that day comes, i will be sad. because it mean they are growing up even more.

right now i would like to keep them in their little time capsule of childhood.

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Kristy said...

I hear ya. All though I am still in diaper changing mode. It's weird to be in Teen-ager mode and diaper mode at the same time. I think I'll be doing parent teacher conferences for the rest of my eternities.

Our aaron STILL comes to our bed every night and I know it freaks all of my inlaws right out, but ya know what...I would trade the "mommy....I love you" that he tells me every time he snuggies up to me for anything. And he will always know that he is loved. Sure some times it drives me absolutely insane, but I know it wont last forever so I'll take it while I can.

I hope you're doing okay. I wish I could come and swipe you for lunch!