Friday, October 17, 2008

spitting image...

ella has never really drawn a face before. she has made many attempts, but it never really looked like an obvious face, with obvious features...until yesterday.

she drew a picture of daddy.

and i must say, it is the spitting image! lol!

completely switching topics, the main structural work in our basement is now complete. our main worker guy finished today. now i can work on moving things around, buying a toilet seat (priority) and of course setting up my scrappy area! haha! and in a few weeks i hope to have the carpet guy come and finish laying the carpet. then i will really feel like i can unpack.

i am also toying with doing some painting...but nothing definitive yet.

matt has been able to call and that seems to calm the girls. he also has internet, so is able to check email (in case you want to chat with him).

more wacky disney pics coming soon!!! (family ones too will be so happy:)

good night!

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