Monday, October 20, 2008

just another manic monday...

happy, dreary monday!

its cold and dreary today and i just want to crawl back in bed! lol! we even have snow showers in the forecast...thankfully i cleaned the garage out yesterday and moved some things around so i can fit the van in there.

actually have had a productive weekend. finished this layout:

its another assignment for cathy z's class. it was a real world color challenge. you had to use muted blue, orange, yellow and brown. she also provided the sketch and journaling block.

and then started painting the rest of the bedroom walls in the basement. gonna put the 2nd coat on tonight and it should be done. also managed to install the toilet seat, so now the bathroom is completely functional. yeah!!

we had really nice weather yesterday, so i took the girls to ride on a bike path nearby. they had so much fun! there was a bridge that they pretended was a roller coaster and went up and down on quite a few times.

just another pic from disney...we were waiting for the spectromagic parade to start at magic kindgom and it had been raining of course. obviously ella was not happy for whatever reason...i just don't know what that reason! regardless, this picture makes me really laugh out loud.

well, i'm off to start my day...enjoy!

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Suzanne said...

awwww...loving that picture of you and the family with minnie! too freaking cute! sounds like you've been really busy girl...can't wait to see the finished envious of your space!