Wednesday, October 22, 2008

happy hump day!

this is another layout for cathy z's class. its actually from week 1 and its on balance. you had to follow the sketch, but all the other decisions like colors, embellishments...are your choice. i really love how this turned out and can't even believe i am already scrapping disney pics!

journaling reads:

we didn't know how you would handle meeting the characters. we thought you might be scared of them. well that was not the case. you were a little shy at first, but when you saw that Minnie Mouse had signed your book and dotted her I's with were completely won over.

this next pic is a quick glimpse into the basement bedroom. the painting is done (except for priming the doors and window frame). the color is a little funky, but the lighting was bad, it was cloudy and the overhead lights threw a funny cast. but you get the idea. the blue is actually a very pale blue. the door to the right goes out to the main area and the straight ahead is the bathroom.

ok...thats all for now:) happy hump day!


Mer said...

I love that's so sweet!

I'm having stress with my lens...doesn't seem like I'm getting clear, crisp pictures like I should. Wish you lived closer and could show me how to work this darn thing. :)

wendyp said...

Adorable layout! I just love the look on her face! I'm with Mer, wishing you lived closer and could help me figure this silly camera out. Your photography is FAB!!!