Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

(click to enlarge)

i will catch up on this thing one of these days! too bad i can't plug my brain into my computer and download all my thoughts! anyways, we had a SUPER fun time trick or treating...heck, even getting ready to go was fun! all the makeup and costumes! very fun!

kids are tuckered out (but not from excessive candy! lol) they kept me moving!

poor little ella was so sad to have her makeup taken off...the tears just poured down!

here's a fun one of my crazy child...more to some really nice shots of the girls!

right now, i am headed to bed! i am WHOOPED i tell ya! later~


Fink said...

What a silly girl but cute shoes! ;)

wendyp said...

LOL!!! That looks like something my youngest would think up!