Saturday, November 29, 2008

turkey week recap

my mom and dad left today...and so life is now back to its old routine. it was so nice having them visit. i tried everything i could to get them to stay on longer...threatened to let the air out of their tires, kidnapping, snow dances...but to no avail. its probably for the best...they are catching a window in between weather systems, so they should have a fairly "dry" drive home (knock on wood).

quick recap...

we got to break in my snowblower(14 inches of the white stuff)...lots of scrabble games (and i even managed to get a 50 point bonus for using all your letters on one word...oh yeah baby!!)...lots of great chats, playing games with the girls, rough housing with their puppy bailey and good food. it went by way too fast.

don't all nice trips happen that way??

today was the 1st day of waking to was divine! after saying goodbye to the parents, i headed to michaels to take advantage of their insane cricut cart. sale...enjoyed a nice lunch at friendly's (yum, yum) and then headed home. it was still gorgeous outside, so i decided to get the foot of snow off dh truck and move it around...then i used the snowblower to make a path around the house and then i pulled the sled out and ran the girls around my newly plowed path.

should be an early night for everyone tonight lol!

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