Saturday, November 15, 2008

a little heartache...and a contest...

my heart hurts today. its officially been 1 month since dh left. and it feels SO much longer.

i sit here wondering how on earth i will make it for another year??

so who has the remote control?? i need to fast forward some time! lol! thank goodness my parents will be here soon. lets just hope they can miss the snow showers we have forecast right now. at least get up here before it hits! lol!

on the suzie homemaker front, i am proud to say i installed my SECOND toilet seat, purchased a snow blower and am ALMOST done making the basement ready for pictures. i also managed to locate all the linen that goes on the guest bed (thanks babe! i knew you would know where to find it!) i am officially ready for guests! woohoo!

well, almost...gotta get the repair guy out here to fix a small leak, but other than that...

well, thats about it! here's hoping the heartache (and headache) go away!

ok NOW for the contest...i would love some ideas for keeping my sanity...they can be mommy ideas, or ideas for kids...but i am all out right now...and here's what you can get out of this:)

i will draw a name randomly from the comments section on MONDAY (17th) morning...and the winner will get a 16x20 print from me of a mix of your own personal photos. make sense?? the winner will send me some pics to randomly play with. i will then create a 16x20 print and ship it off to you!!

so lets hope at least ONE person comments, or my heartache might get really bad! lol!


Fink said...

Well you could see if they have that remote from the movie Click! It did fantastic stuff!

So sorry you are sad! I could not even imagine what you are going through! I hurt for you!

The Wheelers said...

Sorry your heart aches....I feel your pain, my dh has been gone a month and a half. However we have only 2.5 months to go vs. a year, hang in there.

My key to keeping sane is early bed times :) Both of my girls are now in bed by 7 pm and they are happier during the day and I'm happy to have some alone time at night.

Becky Wheeler (from Korea...Kai's mom)

Baker Mommy said...

Three thoughts for you, Kristy. One (and this is hard for us planner-organizer types): let EVERYTHING go and just get on the floor and play! Don't do housework, or scrapping ... turn OFF your computer and TV ... just get on the floor and do puzzles, set up a teaparty or a fort, build with blocks, play board games, dress up dolls, put on a puppet show ... forget about dinner, laundry, etc. You would not believe how much fun you actually will have AND guess what? there will be no fighting! Cause all they really want is for you to play with them. It's hard to turn everything else off, but try it ... #2: Pour some modge podge glue into two bowls and give them each a paintbrush. Then go collect things around the house and yard and let them GO NUTS with large pieces of paper making collages! This will keep them busy for a LONG TIME!! #3) fill up a bubble bath for them and let them play the "Sink or float" game where they take household objects and test their theories as to what will sink or float. Will keep 'em busy for a while doing the game but also the fact that mom let them take Non-tub toys into the tub! hee hee. hope some of this helps. I know it's hard. Hugs!! :)

harpgirl said...

I can't even imagine how hard it must be! I get anxiety just thinking about me being in you place. I like the idea of an early bed time. That helped me when my kids were small and DH was working/living out of town and only here on the weekends. Also planning ahead. It helped me to know exactly what was going on and the kids responded well to that too. We would plan something special to look forward to.

One thing my friend did when her DH was gone for a year was to make a paper chain showing how long till daddy came home. It was REALLY long at first but it was cool to see it get smaller. They pinned it up around their front room along the top of the wall.