Wednesday, November 5, 2008


the last few days have been trying at best with the kiddos. they are in some kind of funk. i don't know if it has to do with the time change or what...but they have been impossible. i can honestly say every day of november has sucked! lol!

this morning, while i was trying to motivate and move along my grumpy kids, my older dd said she wasn't going to school . she just wanted to stay home...and i must say. i was actually tempted to let her! (scary thought, i know)...the weather has just been gorgeous, in the 60's and i thought it would be fun to have a play hooky day! (well, i thought about it anyways...but i held strong and sent her on her way.)

i remember one day my senior year of high school when my mom showed up at school as a complete surprise and pulled me out so we could go to lunch. i thought she was just the coolest. i felt so grown up! and i have never forgotten that day. i promised i would do stuff like that with my kids too. maybe when they are a little older. its hard for me to rationalize a hooky day right now when abby has already missed 4 days of school due to disney and then will miss at least another week for dh mid tour. but maybe near the end of the year...

here are a couple more layouts i just finished for my class. both of the sketches were provided and everything else was up to me.

the journaling on the 1st one says:

Even as you were turning 5, you couldn't wait to be 6. That day finally came! I just can't believe i have a 6 year old!

the journaling on the 2nd one says:

This was the summer of the bikes. You both got big girl bikes and its been hard to get you off them ever since. Ride on...


Fink said...

Great layouts! I love the girlie skull and that cake is magnificant!

Andrea Amu said...

More great pages! I love Abby's birthday cake!

Sorry about the frustrating days you are having. Hope it gets better for you all real soon!

Suzanne said...

beautiful pages girl! Maybe it is the time change girl...but they'll be okay. Hopefully, you will too. I only have one and realize how difficult he can be.