Wednesday, November 12, 2008

a trip down memory lane

i have been thinking about photographs a lot lately. i love them. i could look at pictures all day and not grow tired of it. i have always been this way.

i remember when i was little i wished i could have cameras in my eyes so that i could capture everything that i saw...esp. during those times you just couldn't get a camera out quick enough.

i am trying (in the midst of my already chaotic life) to summon up the will power to create my family year in pictures book. i have made this for the last 2 years and everyone has really loved receiving it. but it is a lot of work...and i am not kind to myself. i don't start early in the year working on it continually...oh no...i wait and wait and WAIT...and then once i receive my little email from shutterfly telling me the photobooks are on sale...i BUST my butt and start editing like a crazed lunatic!

this usually becomes a several day, many, many hour process. but it is so worth it.

one of these years i will actually create my own template for a book.

yeah, right! haha!

but back to thinking about photographs...i am proud at how far i have come as a photographer. i have learned so much and can honestly say i have gotten better at it! so while i was thinking about my own family's photographs, i decided to take a trip down memory lane with some of my sessions with other families earlier this year.

and there is one photograph that really stands out to me. one that was my ah-ha moment.

one that i am very proud that i can say i took.

one that i wish i had of my own family.

thanks to the h's for letting me into your family long enough to capture this.


Fink said...

Very cool shot! I am like you to when it comes down to starting projects! I say tomorrow every day until Christmas eve! Eek!

wendyp said...

That is a gorgeous shot!!!! I like the idea of the photobooks. I'm going to have to peek around the shutterfly site and see what they offer.