Wednesday, November 19, 2008

hanging with the preschoolers...

yesterday was my day to volunteer in little one's preschool class. we had so much fun. i really love kids that age! they are old enough to say funny things but young enough not to get the big picture. and they think you are the greatest thing ever!

E had a little trouble "sharing" me...but after she realized it was ok, all was well.

on a different note...i finished this project last night.

here is a mini album that one was one of our class assignments. we had the sketch and journaling blocks provided. i think this would be a fun album to add on to...sometime in the future of course! i am still several weeks behind...but am sticking with slow and steady wins the race!


Fink said...

I love the 5's! What an outstanding idea! I love the fact you love your nose (hate mine) and your toes! How cute and funny

karen said...

Glad you had fun hanging with the kids, better you than me! :-p

Stampin' Meg said...

What a cool mini album, Kristy!

Kristy said...

Oh Kristy..these pages are perfection! I love, love, love them! I agree with Sheri about liking your nose. That's wonderful. Mine...uh...not so in love. But I'd never change it.

Looks like you had fun at the school!

Wish we were closer my friend. I'm still hankerin' to do lunch with you.

Andrea Amu said...

I too love my nose... that's about all though, lol!

That mini album is sooo neat. Such a great job on all those assignments.