Sunday, August 3, 2008

the end is near...

well, the end of the day that is! haha! its WAY too late for me to be up...was up scrapbooking tonight. Creative Express is having their open call for their design team. so i figured i had nothing to lose. you can enter up to 3 things, and i finished the last tonight...screeching it into their online gallery just shy of the deadline. yeah, i'm a *work-under-pressure-freak*...anyways, i had to try...just for myself if nothing else. this is my 3rd year at trying (yeah, thats embarrassing to admit)...but at least i can say i tried and i have some great layouts to show for it.

latest weekend events:
*bought 2 more bikes (total of 3 now for 2 kids) abby was having a hard time with the bigger bike, so we bought a smaller one and she is blazing trails with it! ella has a little bike and looks so adorable on it! they have had a lot of fun this weekend!

*bought a storage shed (looks like a mini-barn)....getting that delivered on monday
*picked out stuff for our basement refinishing...and a new MBR shower (thank god, our current one is awful!)
*had a major anxiety attach about all the stuff we *want/need* to get done before matt has to leave {{deep breath}}
*enjoyed having my hubby back and getting a 3 day weekend out of it! my kids have actually gone to bed WITHOUT fighting for 2 nights in a row now (knock on wood)

ok...must stop and go to sleep~ here's a couple recent layouts...just trying to get the pictures scrapped:) enjoy!

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Stampin' Meg said...

Good luck with the DT, Kristy!