Thursday, August 21, 2008

things going bump in the night...

so last night as a i was reading in bed i started hearing noises outside...nothing big...until i heard this big noise that was somewhere between my roof and the wall my bed is on...i freaked out naturally. i hate noises. i am the biggest weeny when it comes to being scared of the dark. so being the brave girl i am, i turned all the lights on in the house, porch lights on and went out on the back deck. didn't see a thing...thank goodness. i had the phone in hand ready to dial 911.

so i went back in the house and double checked all the windows, basement, doors, etc. then i sat in my bed shaking. i didn't think i would be able to sleep. anyways, i finally settled my heart down enough to read some more and get my mind off of things. didn't hear anymore bumps,and i finally fell asleep.

needless to say i am quite tired this morning from being up way later than i had planned. and i walked outside this morning to see if i could see what was causing the noise, but i didn't see anything. and now that every thing is lit up by the rising sun i'm wondering what i was so scared about after all...funny how different everything is at night.

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