Tuesday, August 19, 2008

going NuTs!

still waiting to hear ANY news on the design team being picked for Creative Express.



its driving me mad i tell you...MAD! its like when i was pregnant and would wake up everyday wondering if today was the day. it would have been so much easier if god had just whispered down that it would be monday or whatever. then i could sit back and enjoy the rest of the time knowing that an end was in sight.

but not this time either...they said they would make their picks mid-august and make the announcement after that...very vague. not nice. there are a lot of very anxious, nerve wracked women who need to be put out of their misery!

me for one!

onto the next thing bothering me (warning...i'm gonna whine and complain some more)...

my back is still hurting!! i go a day or 2 where i feel good and have roughly no pain and them WHAM...i wake up this morning and am back to wanting to crawl out of my skin. no fun. thankfully right now, my heavy dose of motrin has indeed kicked in and i am feeling some relief!

ok...off to enjoy my pity party. will post some pics later...

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wendyp said...

LOL! Thats the perfect analogy! Heres to hoping we hear something soon! Good luck!