Tuesday, August 26, 2008

what goes up...must come down...

was on such a high yesterday after having a good day with my girls. today has definitely been a low.

well, the design team results are in and i am humbled to say, i was not chosen. apparently i am not what they are looking for and not *design team quality material*. so i will cry tonight and feel awful...but at least i finally have an answer. i'm really ok with this.

honestly the part that has bothered me the most is the management and the way they handled announcing the team. they actually notified the team yesterday and held them in secrecy until TONIGHT when they actually informed everyone else. i don't know about you, but that just stinks.

i have promoted Creative Express for a long time. I have met some really incredible women there and really grown as a scrapbooker. but i am sad to admit it is not the same place it was when i 1st started hanging out there. the management is not great, which really brings down the remainder of the community.

i know it seems silly to be upset about a scrapbook forum, but it was more than that.

when you're a SAHM (stay at home mom---thats for you mom:), your whole world is wrapped up in your kids. its not like you get bonuses, awards, raises...good reviews.

you get thrown up on, peed on, yelled at, doors slammed. i wanted something for me. something that would make me feel good as something other than a mom. don't get me wrong, mother hood has its rewards...but i just wanted this. and i'm competitive as hell, so this really kills my ego.

thats ok. tomorrow will be better. i will continue scrapbooking because i truly love it. i am my family's historian. and that is even more important than design teams.

one of my all time favorite quotes is this:

a birth certificate shows you were born
a death certificate shows you died
a scrapbook shows you lived.

i have no idea who wrote this, but its absolutely true. so i will continue showing how much my family and i are living!

thanks for listening to me babble.


ChrissyG said...

I know how you feel girl & I am sorry! I 2 am a SAHM & I 2 didn't make the DT at CX. I replied to your post on the message board & totally think you rock. Speaking what is on my heart has never been my strong point so I'm glad someone else did. You can pm me anytime on CX if you ever need to complain or just need some support!

karen said...

I'm so sorry girl! I totally applaud you for speaking your mind though. Don't ever apologize for that! And your work is amazing, don't let this discourage you.