Thursday, July 31, 2008

relief has arrived!

dh made it back today and we were all very happy to see him. in anticipation i made my "to die for pot roast"...always a hit. (this is a idiot proof recipe!!)

To Die For Pot Roast

1 pot roast
1 pkg brown gravy (dry)
1 pkg ranch dressing (dry)
1 pkg italian dressing (dry)

throw it all in the crockpot, add water and cook it all day! i even throw mine in frozen! mmmm...i wait about half way thru before throwing in any veggies...yum, yum!! the natives love this one!

oh...i almost forgot...we now are adding to our family again. (yep, you read that right) today we acquired 2 guinea pigs (boy and girl--both fixed thank goodness). the girls were quick to name them max and ruby (after one of their favorite cartoons). they are so cuddly and have been handled alot, so they don't bite. abby is in heaven, ella is excited but scared and dh...well...he's not too happy about the 'extra baggage'...but it won't really affect him. i think as long as the girls are happy, thats all that matters. so stay tuned for many max and ruby stories to if i can keep abby from propping them on the couch!

well, off to go find a picture to help complete this entry. enjoy~

this is ella's ultrasound pic...just trying to scrap some older pics. the pages after that is an album i am working on for my dad (don't worry, he knows about it:) it is Ali Edwards KOTM for last august in think. thanks for looking!

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