Tuesday, July 29, 2008

some pics

i know everyone loves to look at pics...so here are some recent ones. the 1st one is the "new bike" ad the 2nd is pikes peak. you can click on the pictures to see them bigger.

not much new going on here. we are "surviving" since dh is on a business trip. he should be home before too long, but it just means i won't have any sleep until then!

went to the local zoo yesterday (its a very small one, with very few animals)...anyways, we got out of the car and my little one said " i wanna see the DINOSAUR...ROOAARRR!!" i just couldn't stop laughing. i told her i hoped we didn't actually run into one of those.

tried out my whirlpool jet tub last night. it was very relaxing. but what a pain it is to keep the jets clean. if you don't run the jets often enough, yucky stuff builds up in there!

will be adding pics of my new home later today. they are still on the camera, but maybe i can throw them on here during naptime...(if i'm not taking a nap:)

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