Monday, July 21, 2008


from vacation! we got back a few days ago and i need a vacation to recover from my vacation! lol! we had a great time out west and today was the harsh reality for all of us.

matt had to go back to work.
ella realized that daddy wasn't home all day and she wasn't happy about it.
abby doesn't understand that while she got constant attention while on vacation...thats not the norm. i do in fact expect my kids to play by themselves for some portion of the day.

ahhh...there's nothing exhausting like routine!

hopefully tomorrow is a better, smoother day.

on another note, abby got her 1st big girl bike yesterday. she is so excited. i realize we are behind a little (but considering where we lived the last 2 years)...she's still just as excited. good thing we have a nice long sidewalk, because our lam-o builder has yet to pave our roads. so its either sidewalk or gravel. and abby is still working on some balance issues, but she's in love!

maybe this will end her constant badgering for a pet right now.

i will share a pic of her and her new wheels when i get a chance. (i know...a post without pics just sucks, but what can i say. i'm exhausted!)

and i only have about 1000 pics from vacation to work on! eek!

have a good one!

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