Sunday, February 3, 2008

blogging take 2

so i wrote this nice long blog entry last night, attached a pic and everything...and then i got an error message and it disappeared! uugghh! i HATE when that happens! so today i am gonna type my message, publish the post and then go back and add pics and see if it works!

quick catch up:

* dd brought home her 1st report card (earlier in the year it was only a parent teacher
conference)...she did very well!
* shot 3 photo sessions in 3 i'm up to my ears in editing:) but i love being back to
taking pics!

* went to Emart this week (the local walmart equivalent) and was surprised to see abby's
photo in the current hello kitty catalog. i managed to convince the sales clerk to let me take one
of the pages (since it was a display catalog)

* went today to hunt down the other magazine she modeled for and there is a whole spread with
her and the other little girl she modeled with. she was So excited to see herself in a magazine, it
was really too cute!

* been reading a new scrapbook book called Real.Life.Scrapbooking and it has made all sorts of
creative juices start flowing...but must edit photos 1st!!

* took an amazingly long, steep hike today with my oldest up the side of a mountain. it was a
good thing neither of us knew in advance what we were getting into. now i have jello legs! it
was beautiful!

ok...onto pics...

went to a baby shower on saturday at this nice little italian restaurant in town and these are some of my pics from my point and shoot. just turned off the flash and set the timer and set the camera down. thankfully we got to the restaurant before it was full of people! enjoy!

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Stacy said...

Great shots!! Very creative. Way to go turning off the flash. It gave the bottles a dramatic flair.