Saturday, February 23, 2008

news & body piercings

well 1st things 1st...we found out this week that we will be heading back to the states in april. yes...6 WEEKS AWAY!! i am very not happy about this.


i am not ready to leave this beautiful country, wonderful friendships...any of it. and i am definitely not ready to leave in 6 weeks. i want to throw myself on the ground and kick and scream like a toddler...but it wouldn't do any good. so the plan is that we fly to my parents house, pick up our other vehicle and head to our new home. we don't have very much time to kill visiting anyone because we have to hurry and get abby back in school. so i'm afraid we won't be able to visit family, etc until july at the earliest, as her new school goes until the end of june. thats just cruel.

we will be living in temporary housing (hotel) until we get a house. according to the wait list the last time we checked, the earliest this could happen would be june (YUCK!) and thats if the planets aline just right! haha!

but at least there's Target. oh yeah!

now onto body piercings! my youngest decided to pierce her tongue at the park the other day and didn't even have the decency to ask my permission! what is going on with kids these days?? haha! actually, she fell, bumped her chin hard enough and bit thru her tongue. it was really gross, and i don't usually get queasy that easy!

well i'm gonna wrap this up! hopefully be able to write more soon! k

oh yeah...and the tooth paste architect strikes again!

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