Wednesday, February 27, 2008

happy LeAp year day!

yes, it is officially leap year day today. so treasure it...cause you gotta wait a whole more 4 years for this again!

been crazy busy editing fact i have been jumping back and forth between different sessions to try and get them all done and have "fresh" eyes when i look at them again. but i am happy with them for the most part and really proud of how far my photography has come in the last year alone. i now shoot exclusively in manual and RAW. i never thought that day would come! planning a trip to the flower market next week and can't wait to take tons of pics!

trying to cram 3 months of stuff into 5 weeks is insane. i did finally get my slot reserved for the DMZ tour. so hopefully this one will go off without a hitch (since the last one i was signed up for got cancelled). i'm running out of time to do it! also getting ready to get my china tickets:) SO happy about that!! matt got to go in december with some co workers...and now its my turn! i'm just keeping my fingers crossed that the weather cooperates and the yellow dust is minimal!

well matt is on a business trip for the next couple weeks, so its full time mom for me. we have managed to survive our 1st 24 hours. thats always a good start.

well, i better go get started on my mom activities for the day! have a good one!

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