Wednesday, January 23, 2008

will someone PLEASE come do my laundry??

i know...i'm pathetic! i just hate doing laundry. well actually, let me clarify that...i hate that there is always laundry to do. i guess i should be greatful that i have clothes on my back and a washing machine to actually do the work of washing...but i'm just gonna whine right now. my dirty clothes pile is talking to me and i just wish i could teach it to wash, dry and put itself away...ahhh...i can dream, can't i?

well no new year is complete until you get your 1st ER trip...both girls were playing around this afternoon and ella was on the floor while abby was on the couch. ella was asking abby to pick her thing led to another and out her elbow went again. i could have really hurled abby...she knows not to pull on ella's arms...and matt was out of off to the ER we went. its sad when even the ER doctor recognized us!! can you say TRAIN WRECK?? after a couple hours of waiting and a whole lotta tears...i am happy to report, ella's elbow is back where it should be. and she is now quietly asleep (as i hope she stays all her own bed!)

well no blog entry is complete without a good blackmail picture! haha! enjoy!

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Stampin' Meg said...

LOL- that is a crazy picture-it would be fun to scrap with mutliple goofy captions!