Tuesday, January 22, 2008

snow angels

well we have gotten a little snow in the last couple of days...might have actually been a significant accumulation if it had been a little colder, but it was perfect snowman building weather! the girls had a blast and got soaked, but nothing a little hot chocolate couldn't fix. i guess i better get myself mentally ready for all this snow, since we are moving to snow country!
speaking of moving, as many of you know we were due to move this summer, but now that date has changed. we will be leaving here in a couple months ( i will give out an exact date when we know it), but instead of being able to hop around the country visiting family we will be heading straight north to get abby back in school. we are planning on visiting with family this summer. the other significant event in our life year will be matt's deployment this fall. it's pretty much set in stone...so now i need to start preparing myself mentally for another year plus without him. we aren't planning on telling the girls until it gets closer as they have no real sense of time or what it really means. but just wanted to put that info out there.
well, hope you enjoy the pics!

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Mer said...

Love the snow pics! And the pics of your daughter modeling are adorable. :)