Sunday, January 6, 2008

happy january 7th!

or whatever day it is there...i am bad about updating this blog, but have LOTS of mental entries stored deep within my little brain...i just wish i had a USB cable i could connect my brain to the computer! hmmm,....there's a thought!

well i got the pleasure of cleaning and organizing all my scrappy supplies off my kitchen counter...and let me tell you...there was no pleasure in that! it reminded me of all the layouts i need to do, all the supplies i have and all the effort it takes to haul it out of my little cabinet just to play. oh well, at least i'm blind from the shiny countertops!

took abby to the flower market on saturday. i love that place! will have to take my camera there one of these times...its just so beautiful! and CHEAP! i love it!! all these flowers plus a dozen red roses for $20! can you believe it?? this place is definitely my new happy place! i have to keep taking advantage of this place before we leave this summer!

have a good one!


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Stampin' Meg said...

My goodness- Kristy- that looks like a Teleflora ad!