Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Ho Ho Ho...

and all that stuff!
we had a nice christmas, very laid back. we continued our tradition of eating chinese food on christmas eve by going to a local place called Ho Lee Chows. funny eating chinese food in korea, served by koreans. after the girls drove us crazy bouncing all over the seats and declaring how much they don't like chinese food with sayings like "yuck" and"gross", we headed home. after the girls went to bed, i managed to write my christmas letter finally. so if you are anxiously awaiting its arrival, it should go to the post office today.

santa did manage to find our house this year and thankfully the Grinch did not. what a difference a year makes. after a slow morning of opening presents, playing, eating, and napping we went to the hotel on base here (its like a 4 star) and had christmas dinner. we all got dressed up and it was very nice. (all though it did remind us once again why we never take our kids out to eat...2 times in 2 days is a record for us!)

i also managed to complete 3 layouts in the last couple of days and am hoping to take advantage of the rest of christmas break to go on a scrapbooking frenzy.

well, hope you had a merry ho ho of a holiday!

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