Wednesday, December 12, 2007

move it DUDE!

yep! thats what i say to all the korean drivers (mainly cabbies) instead of another set of choice words...and now my 2 year old feels compelled to shout it from her back seat. haha! she's a nut!

finally pulled the christmas tree out and got things decorated around here. there is just something about a dark room with the glow of christmas lights that really makes me happy. i just may have to leave the lights up after the tree gets put away...hmmm, i think i'm onto something!

got to go to another stamp camp last sunday and had a lot of fun! i like having that time to wake up my creative juices! now i'm dying to make something or put a layout together...but 1st i must take care of some things before i play! i still have some christmas things to make & buy...i'm such a procrastinator! at this rate i will never die, because i will just put that off too!! haha!
well here is another picture of ella...this is how she fell asleep thanksgiving night (and no she didn't consume any turkey)...but of course we had to take a pic!

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