Friday, June 15, 2007

the start of a new year...

today matt passed the torch so-to-speak in his we are free from the unrelenting cell phone ringing at all hours and i finally have my man back! his ceremony was this morning and afterwards we came home and just relaxed all day...this is how the start to a vacation should be!
we leave for guam soon and can't wait! (now i'm just holding my breath on the weather forecast that shows rain for the entire time we are there:( hopefully they are VERY wrong!)

we are continuing to build our summer tans by hitting the pool almost everyday. very convenient since it is located about 50 feet from my building! the kiddie pool is very nice...and the girls have a between that and playing at the playgrounds here for hours and hours...we are quite busy. abby is signed up for swim lessons, but they aren't until august. they are very hard to get here and i actually got her in the last slot.

ella has become the "cookie monster" of the family. if you remember how he eats his cookies, thats my child! sound effects and everything...she eats at least one meal a day this way. i can only take it that its her way of complimenting my cooking! haha!

i haven't scrapbooked lately...lost my mojo. actually, thats not true. i made a layout the other night for a friend and i hate the way it turned its back to the drawing board...because i won't except it as just "ok". i think there has just been so much going on, and i am completely drained by the time the kiddos are in bed. matt's nights this past week have been so late coming home that somedays he didn't get to see the girls at all. thank goodness that is over! so i am anxiously awaiting our vacation and some down time...physically and mentally. and then when i come back i will be a renewed, energized woman! woohoo!

as far as photos...i'm always taking photos, still trying to figure out all the settings on my camera and all the neat things photoshop can do. so hopefully i return from our trip with some EXCELLENT pictures as well! until next time...

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