Sunday, June 24, 2007

i'm baaaaccckkkkkk.....

from guam that is. and let me tell you it was HOT & HUMID!! reminded me of Georgia in August. that being was GORGEOUS!! and so nice to be away and not be on a schedule. we spent most of the early part of each day finding stuff to do until it cooled off and then late afternoon we hit the beach or pool...depending on what the girls wanted to do. we got to see quite a bit of the island, ride a trolley quite often, go to an aquarium, go to a water park, eat some really good american food:), shop at k-mart; ate traditional chamorro food and visited the chamorro village that had lots of traditional island crafts, etc. we visited both military bases there, had to buy an extra bag for all the extra stuff we bought and paid way too much for cabs!

we are happy to be home was time. abby was actually begging us to come home. she just missed her things. one of the great things about staying there was we had a fabulous room and the girls slept most of the nights all the way we got some good "catch up" sleep.

the picture above is from our hotel balcony. more pics to come soon!

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