Thursday, June 7, 2007

knotheads & boyfriends...

well here is a picture of my "not always paying attention" 4 year old...she was running at the park (of course not looking where she was going because she was too busy STARING at someone)...when she turned around she came face to face with a very solid metal pole. this happened a couple days ago...and the knot is still as big as it was when it happened...all though now it looks like she will be "lucky" and get a black eye out of it too!

on a lighter note, here is a recent conversation we had:

abby: mom, why don't you have a boyfriend?

me: umm, your daddy IS my boyfriend

abby: NO mom, he's your need a boyfriend too!

me: umm, ok...

well, i better get off to bed before my children decide tonight is a good night to keep me up.

here is a pic i took of ella today...been taking so many of other people and their kids that i thought i should get some of my own kids. plus it was a good day to! enjoy!


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rednarts said...

Amazing at how big they are getting . You can really see personality in their pictures.