Tuesday, June 5, 2007

if only i could hook up my brain to the computer!!

then this blog would be updated MUCH more frequently and i would be the most organized person in the world. quick recap since the last post...we are heading to guam for some much needed rest and relaxation in about 10 days...very excited about this.

abby has managed to give herself an ENORMOUS goose egg on her forehead (ran into a metal pole cause she wasn't watching where she was going)...poor thing...it looks like she's trying to bud a horn there or something as swollen as it is!

we are trying to get approval to move in the apartment next door which is TWICE as big as the place we are in now...hopefully we will know something next week.

i have really kicked off my photography "thing"...don't really know what else to call it...check it out at kristycoxphotography.com and let me know if you would hire me:) haha!

ok...so i'm gonna quit babbling right now and post some pics! leave me a comment so i know you visited me:) its a lonely world here:)

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