Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dead Head Fred

With chevrons being all the rage and Halloween being one of my FAVORITE holidays I just knew I had to make something to combine the two.

Meet Dead Head Fred. I just LOVE him! For directions, just check out below...

This was created on a 12x12 canvas. I lightly traced out a grid system knowing that my chevrons would have to be pretty darn straight for it to look right.

After tracing the lines I used painters tape to tape exactly where I wanted to paint.

All the exposed areas were painted orange. I used my heat gun to speed up the drying process but it really didn't take that long. I painted several coats, 3 I think and then it was done. I carefully removed the tape and went to tape over the orange. That didn't work so well. The tape didn't want to stick to the paint. After several attempts at trying to get it to stick, I ended up painting the black in by hand.

Then I painted the outside lip with black as well. Then as many of my projects do...it sat for a week or 2 LOL!

I ended up cutting frames out of some BEAUTIFUL Teresa Collins paper. The Halloween word paper is from last years Halloween collection and the black flocked frame is from her Timeless collection. Really makes the frame quite beautiful. Finally I purchased the glittered skull head from a local craft store and yes the glitter was already on it. I cut off the back of the head and hot glued it to the canvas. And now I have another fabulous Halloween decoration!!

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Suzanne said...

LOVE IT! I have a crush on Fred ;) He doesn't talk back ...and hey let's admit it, he's HOT!

Lori Gresham said...

So cute!

Paper Issues said...

Wow, This is such a fabulous piece of Halloween decor! I love it. all the trouble you went to painting it was so worth it!!!Thanks for sharing it with us at Paper Issues!

Lavy said...

Awesome work..
I am an artist at heart..liked your blog a lot!
Check out mine. I started a new blog recently - beautifulhues.blogspot.com
I would love to hear your suggestions, Thanks.