Monday, November 30, 2009

30 day wrap up

well today is the last day of november and i figured i would update you on my 30 day shred plan i did for the month. i missed a total of 7 days out of the month. 2 were lazy hormonal days and 5 i was sick and it just wasn't happening. but overall i am proud that i stuck with it and completed 23 days.

i did switch the workouts around. shred 1 actually became too easy and mundane, so i took on shred 2...that kicked my butt good. then i got stupid and did both workouts in 1 day. not something i can do everyday, but it was a nice change. the last few days i have been completing her quick problem areas workout. that has truly been an eye opener. owwiieeeee! is all i have to say!

overall i would recommend this for people to try if they are looking for a change in workout. i did not lose any weight during this time, i actually gained weight. that being said, i am slimmer and much more tone. so that has kept me going. i am also stronger too which feels amazing. i plan on continuing to workout as far into december as possible. we will be traveling for the holidays, so i won't be able to complete these workouts for the entire month...but i will have to wear a swimsuit everyday so i will continue doing something:) and i plan on picking up when we return home.

the best part about this is it was all free on our free exercise on demand channel. so i could change up the workouts whenever i wanted to and not have to buy a new dvd. ok, enough about that!

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Andrea Amu said...

Great job! Keep up the shredding! I've been doing pretty well... I've lost about 15 lbs. since I've started back to exercising in September. I had a goal of losing 30 by Thanksgiving, but oh well... 15 is progess. :)

Happy Holidays to ya, Kristy!