Wednesday, September 10, 2008

houston we have a problem...

last night in the warm darkness of the night, our sweet SPAYED guinea pig gave birth to babies!

still trying to figure out how that happened.

one survived, the other was a still birth. so before my eyes were really open this morning, i was disposing of the one that didn't survive, removing the placenta and removing the dad who was all of a sudden attacking the mom.

then i jumped on the internet (thank god for google)...and discovered that the females are VERY fertile the 1st few hours after birth. uh-oh! not. good.

so they will remain in separate cages for the time being.

and i will NOT allow myself to fall in love with that adorable, sweet little baby guinea pig. i will not!


Andrea Amu said...

I saw the "what are you doing" line about this over on facebook... tooo funny! And how odd that they are so fertile after giving birth, eewww...not good!

So are you keeping the new cutie?

Mer said...

OH my! What a surprise! I don't know if I could have handled the, uh, mess. LOL

Tag, you're it! I tagged you on my blog....

wendyp said...

surprise! LOL! I didn't even know they spayed guinea pigs, but now I see why if they're that fertile at 1 hour. congrats!