Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the birthday girl's big day...

yep, i now officially have a 6 year old. what a busy crazy day!

started the morning off with abby saying happy birthday to herself (crazy nut!)...then begging to open presents. i gave in and let her open 3 (then stretched that to 4)...then had to put my foot down and get things rolling for the morning.

birthday girl *not happy*

so we ran around, got dressed, ate, showered, teeth brushed (ding-dong) construction guy thats tearing out our bathroom and finishing our basement is here to start work...kids running around crazy, time to run to the bus stop...POURING rain...abby on the bus...time to take pics of ella (its her 1st day of preschool *sniff, sniff*)...get her in the car, drive her to school, run to walmart, grab some necessary items, go home, catch my breath, time to go back and pick ella up, head back to walmart to pick up abby's cakes (one for school and one for home)...run thru the drive-thru, head back home, stop at abby's school...drop off cake and supplies, back in the car heading home...get home, finish eating lunch, start tackling odd jobs around the house...fast forward time to pick abby up from school, throw (not really) ella in the stroller...stop at sweet lady's house who let me photograph her poppy's awhile back, give her some zuccini bread...head onto school...starts raining (crap)...get abby, head home, get begged about a million times to open the rest of her presents...open presents..fix her chosen dinner (french toast)...then onto the birthday cake and then the pinata (oh yes, she wanted a pinata!)...

and now its all over. sleepy girls in bed asleep and i am heading that way myself. long crazy busy day. i will download the pics off my camera tomorrow and then post them here. with our construction dude showing up at 8am, i can't afford to stay up late for the next few weeks.

tomorrow should be slower (i hope!)

ok, so i didn't actually go to bed. i wanted to put at least 1 photo on here. but i can never add just one. so here are 2 from my trip to beijing.


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wendyp said...

Gorgeous photos!!!!