Friday, June 27, 2008

lots of pics

as you can tell, i have been editing lots of pics. i am forbiding myself from scrapbooking another page or picking up another book to read until i have chiseled a large chunk into the unedited pile of pictures.

so for your viewing pleasure:

my neighbors poppy garden:

my daughter pleading me with her eyes to NOT take another picture...

i just couldn't resist! haha!

this is the barn at my neighbors house. i really love this picture.

if you want to check out some more pics, i posted some others on my flicker acct. hopefully the link works!
busy week ahead and the weekend hasn't even started yet! the owner of our house (right now) is coming to move out all of her stuff tomorrow...sunday we have an airshow here...and hopefully we will successfully close on this house early next week and then head onto vacation after that. it will be really nice to see everyone...the girls are excited.
hope you enjoy the pics!

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